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Winter food problem

I have a problem with food.  It multiplies in my house.  The parable of the loaves and fishes would be a good anology, if there were more than one person to feed in my house. It’s winter.  I stockpile.  At … Continue reading

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Four Guys

Here are four forty-five year old short poems, and a photo of the woman who wrote them. John McLaughlin When Jonathan made his comeback to nature, even the leaves turned their backs on him telling the child in Jonathan that … Continue reading

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There is a way of holding the breath that suspends precisely between life and death. Sees neither light nor dark encloses a blank calmness keeps out the world’s heavy breathing. If you could learn it You could find your place here. It’s like … Continue reading

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My short, sweet drinking life

Three AM, New Year’s morning, 2014.  I can’t sleep, and it isn’t because of the excitement, or because of unruly memories.  It’s because of a piece of chocolate cake at 11:30 that was big enough to boost the morning’s and afternoon’s … Continue reading

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